Friday, May 11, 2012

I Wish I Could Forget

By Annoyed With Things
Like many of us across America, I wake up and go about my morning routine.  Despite the many things that annoy me, I am cheerful as I think about what I have to do today.  At least for a few seconds, then I remember, like so many of us, I am struggling with a mortgage, have recurring medical bills and have to generally keep the family afloat financially.  So you can imagine my extreme annoyance to hear that the President say, “Sometimes I forget.”  When referring to the magnitude of the recession.  I don’t want someone who can forget.  I want a leader who is working on this problem every day, with every fiber of their being.  I also want to see some leadership in Congress on cost cutting and actually passing a budget but that is another story.
What irks me the most is that President Obama thinks WE forget the impact of the recession.  I don’t forget and I imagine you don’t either.  These comments are similar to so many others about a range of topics that tell me Obama just doesn’t get it.  He is out of touch.  I understand how a President can become insulated, but I expect at least some acknowledgement of my ongoing problems not a constant look back blaming the last administration.  He was trying to be one of the People by saying he sometimes forgets, to empathize with us, to remind us of how bad it was.  You know, when he took over from George Bush.  Well three and a half years in, I think we can forget about George Bush for a while and focus on who bad things are now. 

He spent much of the remainder of the speech trashing Mitt Romney, which I expect and can accept; it was a campaign speech after all.  He spent time touting his achievements and providing vague future options to continue the so called recovery.  What the President seems to also forget is that the economy is still in the tank and that his policies have not worked as well as he would like us to believe.  Ask the person on the street to name the three top domestic problems to be solved and I bet the economy will be one of them.  Perhaps it is time to put a successful CEO and business leader in the White House, someone who has actually accomplished something outside politics.  I know just the guy.
The entire text of President Obama’s speech can be found here:

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