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Speaking with Forked Tongue - False Heritage Claims Sting MA Pol

By: Annoyed With Things

09 May, 2012

In Massachusetts there is an interesting Senate race shaping up.  Elizabeth Warren (D) is running against Scott Brown (R), the incumbent.  Mr. Brown won his seat by special election after Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) passed away.  As the current race progressed, it looked like it would shape up to be a typical Democrat vs. Republican, liberal vs. conservative affair.  Actually, I would peg Brown as a moderate Republican, but the race is not what annoys me.

What annoys me is the fact that Elizabeth Warren, who comes across to me as an elitist, limousine liberal, extremely rich but pandering to the masses as if she can feel their pain; identified herself as a Native American during the employment review process at Harvard Law school, but clearly is not.  Vigorous investigative reporting has failed to show any clear Native American ancestry and in fact clear documentary evidence indicates a strong likelihood that Elizabeth Warren’s forbearers were not only of European descent but were involved with the Tennessee Militia which forcibly moved the Cherokee people from Tennessee and gave us the Trail of Tears ( 

So we have an organization, Harvard Law School, looking to improve its diversity numbers and we have an employee candidate who has checked the Native American box on the form.  With no apparent due diligence and without a quam of anxiety for making a very weak at best (though I believe it was outright lie) heritage claim, both parties walked away happy, nothing to see here.  The Diversity Gods have been served and our numbers look good.

While I am philosophically against the very notion of affirmative action and would rather decisions on hiring, school acceptance, grants, etc., were based on merit and life experience, I will give Harvard a pass for asking ethnic origin because their colonial era charter ( actually focuses on “English and Indian youths” indicating they have a vested interest in Native American students and by extension faculty.  What I can’t stand and what annoys me to no end, aside from having this diversity based system to begin with; is someone clearly gaming the system to make themselves more appealing as a hire.  Hey, if Elizabeth Warren was of Native American ancestry and was active in the Native American community all of her life (or had actual documentation) or had been active in any meaningful way in the past, then this would not be a story even if she couldn’t “prove” her ancestry.  But the opposite is true; she made this claim to enjoy the perceived benefits of being a so called minority professor and in no other way participated in the cultural heritage of the Native American community – which by the way is active and thriving at Harvard.  

So why should I be annoyed.  Let me tell you.  It is because unscrupulous people like Warren stretch, bend, game and break the system to get ahead when I don’t believe there should be a system in the first place.  If she is qualified for the job at Harvard, and apparently she is, then there should be no need to identify your ethnicity.  Aside from my railing at the system, this incident highlights a fundamental flaw in Elizabeth Warren’s character.  She claims Native American heritage, but when faced with documentary evidence to the contrary, rather than simply admitting she was wrong, she is willing to perpetuate and even defend this myth of Native American heritage.  I would even be willing to accept the notion and give her the benefit of the doubt that this was an innocent mistake based on what she had been told as a child by family members if she would admit it was a mistake.  Instead she deflects questions to the selection board that hired her at Harvard and chastises Scott Brown for politics as usual.  The only thing that is as usual is a liberal democrat got caught gaming the very system of preferential treatment for some that they created and now they don’t want to be called on it.  Answer this question Ms. Warren – are you now or have you ever been a Native American?

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