Thursday, May 24, 2012

What if it Were Your Family

By: Annoyed With Things

Just how dense can the so called smartest people on the country actually be?  Of course I am talking about the morons participating in Harvard’s Class of 1962 reunion who not only failed to vigorously condemn one of their own, convicted murderer and anti-technology terrorist Ted Kaczynski, but actually snidely characterized his recent updates in the class directory as humorous.  (See article here)

Instead of refusing to accept his updates on the grounds that Harvard will not give convicted murderers and terrorists a voice or any validation at all, his elitist, snobby douche bag class mates were actually commenting that Ted seems to have a sense of humor.  Well isn’t that delightful.  Let’s all chortle about it over our cucumber sandwiches and kir royale aperitifs.  And of course a representative from Harvard could not be reached for comment. 

How about this for a comment:  While Mr. Kaczynski is a graduate of the 1962 class here at Harvard, his submissions were returned without being opened and all future correspondence will be discarded.  Why, because he is a murderous psychopath who needs to die irrelevant and forgotten in prison.

I bet you’ll never see that in the so called “Red Book.”  The irony of course is that all along what Ted really wanted was a platform to spew if anti-technology screeds and he used the threat of continued murder and mayhem to leverage the media (granted, with FBI concurrence) into publishing his manifesto.  So how funny is it that he lists this very same manifesto as a “published work” in his Harvard Alumni Directory?  Go ask the victims how funny it is.  Insensitive and capricious comments like those made by the clowns who are Ted’s classmates and the institution’s conspicuous absence in this discussion could lead on to believe that Harvard condones or at least accepts Ted’s actions – he is after all “one of us.”  Now I don’t really think Harvard endorses Ted Kaczynski or his egregious actions, but their silence on this issue is deafening.  Where is the outrage, where is the condemnation, where is the shame?  At least have the common decency to disavow the Unabomber as an aberration and not representative of Harvard’s long standing tradition of excellence and service to the nation.  Instead we get class room cut ups and boorish assertions that Ted has a sense of humor.  Hey Harvard Class of 1962, I have a joke for you – here pull my finger!

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